A poem for Jiu Jitsu

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A Poem for Jiu Jitsu

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Seven short years ago
I began a lover’s quarrel with Jiu Jitsu
As my intentions waned too and fro
I had no idea what this journey would amount to.

I competed and fought
I tore ligaments from finger to knee
The greatest lesson this journey has taught
Is I have the control to decide who I’ll be.

I at once began to learn how to fight
to be able to subdue my fellow man
It wasn’t until I let go of physical might
that I learned all that Jiu Jitsu can.


For it wasn’t armbars and sweeps
that would shape the man I would someday become
You see the greatest benefit that I have reaped
is this simple rule of thumb.

Jiu Jitsu will make of you
more than you originally sought
And you must see clearly all the way through
That is was only ever yourself you fought.

Dominion over others is a menial task
and one of which I no longer desire
It is the mastery of self which is of the highest caste
and the service to others that our being requires.

Trophies feel good for a little while
and the dopamine flows from likes on Facebook
but it is only virtues I seek to compile
and turning inward and having a look.

Master the Berimbolo and Judo throwing
and learn to pass the guard through and through
But always remember the only answer worth knowing
Is are you the man Jiu Jitsu sought to make you?

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