Mackenzie Dern wins first World Championship as Black Belt

Posted by Bret Gold on

Mackenzie Dern defeats Michelle Nicolini to earn her first World's Gold Medal as a Black belt

In an amazing show of technique and determination, after several volleys of point-scoring; sweep after sweep, Mackenzie Dern forces Michelle Nicolini to tap to a very well executed bow and arrow choke. 

Mackenzie's celebration dance: 
This was one of the most exciting matches I've seen. Period. I've always said, "If you want the choke, go for the arm; of you want the arm, go for the choke." It would appear that Mackenzie took it to a whole different level by going after the feet; on the complete opposite end of the neck, and ended up with the choke. Very well executed to upset the reigning champ who hasn't left the World Championship tournament without gold since 2010. 

If anyone had any question, it has been answered, Mackenzie Dern is the real deal. Congratulations to you, MKNZ!

And to the former champ, Michelle Nicolini, congratulations for a very tough match and putting on an incredible show. You certainly didn't make it easy for Mackenzie. 

See the full match below:

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