Detales Women's Rash Guard Review by UtahJitsMama

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"Train with Precision. Win with Heart." -Detales logo(click on the Detales logo for their website) Details Clothing is a BJJ specific company that makes training gear just for women (sorry boys). I tested the comfort-fit no-gi rash guard recently and was very impressed. It has all of the important qualities I look for. The price point is spot on, design is flattering and understated, the fabric is breathable and high quality. AbsoluteMMA_Aug2014-0196 When I talk about price point being spot on, this is coming from a girl that used to only wear Lululemon under my gi. At $36 for a rash guard, Detales is very competitively priced and has earned a spot in my Lulu rotation. (Girls, you know what I'm talking about) Is is just me or is it hard to find rash guards that don't have tons of artwork and a rainbow of colors? Sometimes a girl just wants to let her skills on the mat draw all the attention and not the flying dinosaur riding a submarine across her chest in neon colors. Detales has a clean, simple and flattering black design. It is cut just for females so there is room for the ta ta's and a flattering taper at the waist. No compression muffin tops allowed, this rash guard keeps it all in place without cutting off the circulation with a longer torso cut. DETALES_Women_BJJ_RashGuard_Front3_Model_683x1024_grande Let's talk about the stink factor. Some of the cheaper brands use cheaper fabric. Not Detales. This rash guard is made with high quality antimicrobial fabric. That means when your partner is less than fresh, his stench isn't going to nestle into your top like a pack rat hording moldy cheese. (Yes, I said 'his' because I have yet to meet a stinky girl on the mat.) After several sweaty rounds you can walk off the mat without clearing a path downwind. The fabric has fast wicking capability so it keeps you drier and cooler than every other brand I have found thus far. I always wash my Detales top on delicate and let air dry. After over a dozen wash, wear, roll, repeat sessions the top has retained it's shape and the color has not faded. Did I mention that this is made in the USA? Pretty awesome. Throw in the fast shipping, seamless customer service and reusable bag with every order and you've got every reason to give this company a try. The ladies at Detales are wonderful to work with and will make sure you are taken care of. Hope you enjoy it! -UtahJitsMama AbsoluteMMA_Aug2014-0198

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