Combat Skin Combat Warrior Gi Review! You Have To Check This Out!

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Combat Skin Combat Warrior Gi

The cat's out of the bag on Combat Skin's new Combat Warrior Gi; it is amazing (My cat promptly jumped into the stylish bag I pulled the gi from).

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Right from the start I could tell that this was a very high quality gi. Each logo is embroidered, which is important to me because I have had too many gi logos peel off like skin does while rolling with a sunburn. I was stunned that the gi was so light, especially after feeling the comfortable rash guard lining that made me feel that I was wrapped in a king's robe. The designs were clean, not gaudy, and well placed, giving the gi a stylish, yet classy appearance.

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The jacket is a little big in the chest. Sleeves, shoulders and armpits fit well though.

I am 5'10" 175lbs and this gi (A2), out of the package (not washed) fit really large on me. This was a concern for me initially, but after washing and drying once, the fit became much better. The jacket is traditional-cut but not ill-fitting. After washing, the sleeve length shrunk to an appropriate length for me. The sleeve width is a good compromise between 'Large Judo Kimono' and 'Slim Fitting Scramble'; There's enough to grab, but not an excess for someone to control while trying to pass their guard... all the while, still allowing my 22 inch pythons to fit comfortably.

My advice would be to look closely at their sizing chart and compare it to other gi brands that you know fit well in order to ensure you make the correct sizing decision.

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I rocked the Combat Warrior at my Grand Master's seminar and actually received quite a few compliments, which is quite impressive considering everyone was required to wear a white gi.

Everyone really liked the simple yet clean design on the outside and then BAM, some sweet Meerkatsu Qilins (ancient East Asian Mythical Creatures which resemble dragons) on the inside.

The logos on the jacket and pants are 100% embroidered and look great, but the lining on the inside of the jacket is like eye-candy! Meerkatsu designs are always works of art. It caught the eye of several of my training partners while I was getting dressed for class and they immediately wanted to know who made the gi and where they could get one.

The Combat Warrior feels very durable in the knee area and the 'knee pad' is designed in a diagonal pattern for better movement; given that this is where most of my gis have worn-out first, I'm excited about that. The styling of this gi is very conservative from the outside, but quite eye-catching on the inside. There is decorative seam tape sewn into the sleeve, skirt of the jacket and pant cuffs with the Combat Skin logo on them.

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The gi is very high quality and I really liked the inner lining; it was extremely comfortable.

The pants are ripstop with a flexible, pearl weave gi material crotch area (in case you want to go Van Damme on someone). Nice long drawstring which is semi-elastic rope and is laced through two sleeves in the front to provide superior protection from drawstring ride-up.

The collar is foam filled, ripstop covered and just a bit on the stiff side. I imagine that will remedy itself after a few more wearings. I would say, because of the liner on the inside of the jacket, that this is more of a winter gi. Even in our climate, being cold in the gym, I started to feel a little overheated while just drilling.

Initially the edges of the seam tape are a little rough but they lose some of their bite after a few washings/wearings.

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Overall, I would give this gi a "buy" rating. If you've been saving up for a new, durable, conservative-yet-stylish-where-it-counts gi that will catch those discerning eyes with premium features at a reasonable cost, get this gi. If you need a white gi for a seminar with a Grand Master, get this gi! If you've got extra cash laying around, (after sending some of it to me) get this gi. If you're a gi hoarder and have to have every awesome gi that comes on the market, get this gi. If you want a gi with a silky-soft interior liner that you can snuggle up to when you're lonely and not worry about gi-burn on your face, get this gi.

Everyone snuggles their gis when they're lonely, right? RIGHT guys? Guys...? Check their website for the gi here: Photo Jan 30, 8 20 14 PM  Photo Jan 30, 8 20 50 PM

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