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Is what we do at BJJ Problems "creative?" I'd like to think so. Is it our full time job? Nope. Each member of our team has a day job. They work 9-5 in some other-than-jiu-jitsu-related field to fund their BJJ habit. That doesn't mean that they're not constantly thinking about Jiu Jitsu. It's on their mind 24/7. In fact, that's why they're on our team. Whether it's dissecting last night's roll, or coming up with clever content for our site, they've got BJJ on the brain. Just to give you guys a little peek into how their minds work, here's an example: [caption id="attachment_103" align="aligncenter" width="691"]Real or photoshop? Real or photoshop?[/caption] Most of you were under the impression that this tattoo is real, AND because of the comment we submitted with this picture, "I'm gonna get this tattoo... you guys better not copy me!" you stated "But you're copying someone else already." Or are we? Yes and no. As part of our creative process we run across different types of media all over the place. Most of the time it just comes and goes... but every once in a while, something special happens to it. It gets Jiu-Jitsu-fied. [caption id="attachment_104" align="aligncenter" width="691"]The original The Original[/caption] As many of you can most certainly relate to, everything turns into Jiu Jitsu when you've got Jiu Jitsu on the brain. We're just fortunate to have members of our team who are pretty much Photoshop wizards. It's scary-cool. Now, I can't promise this beyond a shadow of a doubt... but I can almost guarantee that no one has the 'Jiu Jitsu' version of this tattoo yet. If you were to get it done soon, you may just be the first person ever to have it. You're welcome. Just send us pictures ;)   --BJJ Problems

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