The Unwashed Belt

The Definitive Guide to Translating Post-Tap Comments

Posted by Will Weisser on

Tapping - Most of us will do it at least twice through the journey to black belt and beyond. But whether you're pulling off dozens of subs per sesh or still more nail than hammer, sooner or later you'll start to notice your partners repeating certain phrases afterward. I'm here to make sense of them for you.

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For The Last time, I Dont Do Karate: An Open Letter

Posted by Gwen Sheldon on

It all started on the fateful day when you appeared in the break room, coffee cup poised in the small talk position, and sidled in toward me like you had some grand secret.

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Ask BJJ Problems

Posted by A.G.W.T.L.T.O.I.S.C.A.H.R. on

Here at BJJ Problems we get lots of questions from readers, asking if we have solutions for their BJJ-related woes. Here to answer them as always is our advice columnist, A Guy Who Took a Long Time Off and Is Self Conscious About His Rank.

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